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Hello and welcome to Searching Family History. My name is Leonard Smith III and I am glad you found my site. The fact that you are here means that you must be searching for information on your ancestors. I teach others to do just that! I have spent many hours on my own family history and developed many time saving methods that I would like to share with you on this free genealogy website.

“My goal is to teach others to fish…”

Where do you start?

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My common-sense approach gives you the benefit of the many years I have spent interviewing relatives, digging through courthouse records, traveling to historic sites, searching websites, and rediscovering the stories of those who came before us. I value oral histories while also cautioning you to listen for contradictory narratives. I urge you to verify information through multiple sources is an extremely important part of the journey through researching your family history.

Remember as the family historian you need to keep a research log of the places you have visited–in person or through the Internet, will save you countless hours. I stress to you the value of dealing openly and honestly with unpleasant discoveries while at the same time respecting the wishes of elderly family members who might want to keep closed certain doors to the past. Finally, your links to genealogy and family tree websites offer readers an easy way to get started immediately- read the testimonies of those who have used our methods. Let’s Get Started!

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